Training Opportunities 

The Bismarck Law Enforcement Chaplaincy does training for chaplains, police officers, fire fighters and emergency services. Some of our courses are approved by the North Dakota Peace Officer's Standards and Training Board and the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation. The following are some of the courses we offer.

  1. The Chaplain's Commission Community Service Chaplaincy Course. This is a 27 hour course.
  2. QPR Suicide Gatekeeper Intervention also with specialies for police, detention officers and in institutional settings.
  3. Depression, EDP'S, Suicidology, Methodology, and Suicide Post-vention
  4. Impacting Relationships (see description below) 
  5. Stress and Burnout for emergency personnel
  6. Death Notification
  7. Domestic Violence and Chaplaincy
  8. Incident Command for Line of Duty Deaths
  9. Introduction to Emergency Services Chaplaincy
  10. CISM-Assisting Individuals in Crisis
  11. CISM-Group Crisis Intervention
  12. CISM-Perspectives in Law Enforcement

"Impacting Realationships" is a course for emergency personnel and their spouse or significant other. It is the only P.O.S.T. Board certified course dealing with the stress of being on duty and its impact on family dynamics. The first half of the class involves an in depth discussion of what emergency personnel stress looks like, the second half of the class discusses family dynamics and how to 'fireproof'' relationships to withstand this stress.

The Chaplaincy also is trained in Critical Incident Stress Debriefing and are members of the North Dakota Critical Incident Stress Debriefing team. We are willing to travel statewide for debriefings. We can mobilize for a debriefing on very short notice. Travel expenses are paid by the state for these services and the agency requesting a debriefing is not charged for this serviice.

The Chaplaincy does have expenses in doing on site training of the other course work.