CISM Debriefing


A group debriefing being held by Chaplain Wolfgram

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) is a phrase coined by the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation that is a comprehensive, phase oriented, integrated, multi-component approach to care for individuals and/or groups who have experienced stress after a crisis that is termed a Critical Incident.
A Critical Incident is a challenging event that has the potential to create significant human distress and can overwhelm one's usual coping mechanisms.
Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD) is a specific 7 step crisis intervention tool designed to assist personnel after an exposure to a significant traumatic event.
The Chaplaincy has teams of trained personnel to assist agencies with their pesonnel after a traumatic event. Our staff is trained in Crisis Management under the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation. We are able to mobilize within hours of a critical incident to assist individuals and groups who have been exposed to a critical incident.
The Chaplaincy works in cooperation with the North Dakota Department of Health Division of Emergency and Trauma Services and the ND Department of Emergency Management.
The Members of the Chaplaincy CISM Team come from a variety of different backgrounds. Members of our team are peers who represent EMS, fire and law enforcement. 
The Chaplaincy along with the Bismarck Police Department has a specialized CISM Team. Due to the experiences in the past few years we have become well acquanted with law enforcement officer involved shooting, use of force scenarios and line of duty deaths. We have access to peer support officers who have experienced these times of critical incident stress. We are willing to travel statewide to serve your agency in this specialized arena that only law enforcment professionals can relate to. To reach our dedicated law enforcement CISM response team, please call the Bismarck Police Department and ask that either , Chaplain Sam Saylor or Bismarck Police Chief Dan Donlin be called at 223-1212.   We will respond as we are able to. 
Critical Incident Stress Debriefing is an evidence-based tool that has been found effective in assisting emergency personnel to rebound sooner after a critical incident. It has also been found to be effectinve in reducing alcohol abuse, sick leave, employee turn over and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
CISM Resources and Forms may be found by clicking the Resources tab on the left. You may download the materials we offer.  ND CISM Team Members, after receiving approval for a debriefing, can download the CISM Post Report Form and the ND Expense Form. After a completed debriefing  these forms will need to be faxed Kari Kuhn at 701-328-1702.
To Contact a CISM Team please call Kari Kuhn at 701-328-1027, ND Department of Health-Division 0f Emergency and Trauma Services. After hours please call ND State Radio at 701-328-9921and ask for the CISM Team.