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About Us...

Bismarck Chief of Police Ken Medeiros approved the establishment of the Bismarck Police Chaplain Service in 1979. After a period of planning and preparation, the program began to function on March 1, 1980 under the leadership of Chaplain George Walker.  Chaplain Walker and volunteers from different denominations have served the Bismarck Police Department since that date. 

The Chaplaincy grew until we were being called to serve not only the Bismarck Police Department, but also the Burleigh County Sheriff's Office and the local office of the North Dakota Highway Patrol. The name was changed to Bismarck Law Enforcement Chaplaincy and steps were taken to make the Chaplaincy a non-profit corporation in the State of North Dakota. The Chaplaincy was then recognized by the IRS as a 501-C-3 organization. 

Volunteer Chaplains have always played a major role in the ministry of the Chaplaincy. Chaplain Walker died in 1999 with just short of 20 years of service to The Chaplaincy. The Chaplains are led by three administrators appointed by the Executive Board.  

The Summer of 2011 had a big impact in our community. We had a flood that lasted over 90 days and two line of duty deaths; Sgt. Steve Kenner of the Bismarck Police Department and Deputy Brian Sleeper of the Burleigh County Sheriff. Greg Carr became the first dedicated fire chaplain for the Bismarck Fire Department. Our local EMS service, Metro Area Ambulance had been using our services for some time. Also, with our training in CISM we had been serving the State of North Dakota doing debriefings and trainings. We had stretched and grown in our scope of service to all emergency personnel so that our board decided in the summer of 2012 to add a d.b.a. (doing business as) name change of "Crisis Care Chaplaincy." Our legal name and and IRS registration, however, will remain the 'Bismarck Law Enforcment Chaplaincy.'  

The Chaplaincy has a rotating on-call schedule and there is always a chaplain ready to serve. If you need to contact a chaplain please call the Bismarck Police Department at, 701-223-1212, and ask for the on-call chaplain.