'One Step Closer to Christ'


'Crisis Intervention through Chaplaincy' is the mission statement of the Crisis Care Chaplaincy. We believe that it is our calling to be Christ's presence when people are experiencing extreme trauma and loss. We believe that if Christ were present at the scene of an auto fatality or a suicide, Christ would bring His healing touch to bear and bring peace to people in crisis. 

The Chaplaincy is a faith based, non-governmental organization utilizing evidence based practices and outcome measurement. As a non-governmental agency we can respond to an incident in a timely and compassionate manner. Basically we serve Bismarck and Burleigh County, North Dakota. We also serve throughout the state when we are called to assist other agencies.

The Chaplaincy has a well-defined diversity policy. We never try to uproot a person in crisis from their own faith basis. We do seek to be the healing presence of Christ when individuals and families find themselves in crisis. Our staff of chaplains come from a wide variety of backgrounds.

The Chaplaincy holds membership with the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, the Community Services Chaplains Association and the Federation of Fire Chaplains. Our Chaplaincy maintains high standards of professional education, thus keeping aware of the latest developments in the world of emergency services.

The Chaplaincy meets the three prongs of the Constitutional Establishment Clause while serving under governmental agencies. The three prongs are: 1) Does the chaplaincy have a secular purpose? 2) The chaplaincy must not have the primary or principle effect of enhancing or prohibiting religion. 3) Does the chaplaincy foster an excessive entanglement with religion? The Chaplaincy's secular purpose is crisis intervention and we do not push any one faith over anotherTo quote Dr. George Every of the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation; "...the pastoral orientation to crisis intervention brings with it a 'value-added' over and above the traditional non-pastoral approach to crisis intervention." Chaplaincy offers hope, restoration and growth.

The hope we have in bringing people ‘One Step Closer to Christ’ is that through trauma, crisis and suffering Christ can redeem our pain, heal our hurt, give hope, and continue to re-create us in His image.